The art style of this manga is just amazing and attracts a lot.

No romance manhwa with op mc

The art panels also look amazing and sleek. right to refund cash appHero of His Own Opinion. powerful todoroki fanfiction

Thanks to their incredible plot. He is known as The Dimitry family’s fool, who was pushed over by the second son. Action- Martial Arts- Badass Main Character. Chapter: 179.

I Get Stronger.

Read so many Jpn/Cn/Kor isekai kinda novel, with the OPness of MC being truly OP.



It’s a fine brew of murim romance and martial transmigration tropes.

13 Best Manhwa Where MC is a Necromancer.

7- Release The Witch. 2. 5. Related: The Top 20 Novels with Overpowered Main Character.

It’s not bad, but quality-wise, it’s mid-tier. 45 Chapters (Ongoing) Personal Opinion. In the list of manhwa with OP MC and Leveling System, this anime could be your best choice if you are starting out.

My Rating: Master Villainess the Invincible is a martial arts manhwa with a strong female MC worth 8/10.
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. Friend, a action manhwa with no romance is harder to find, you can find what you want EVERYWHERE just pick any and wait until that btch comes to existence and hold back.

transported to another world and asked to help the kingdom betrayed by one of his classmates our mc survived and he became a monster and. Pls anyone recommend me some good op MC's with no romance manhua's or manga whatever and even if girls are there only if it's till friendship it will.

OP mc.

The Blood of The Butterfly. 1 Action Romance Manhwa with OP MC; 2 List of Top 8 Action Romance Manhwa with OP MC.

It’s not bad, but quality-wise, it’s mid-tier.

Part 2 will be released soon with another 40 or 50 Korean and Chinese comics.


2 7. +Chapters: 51 +Published: 2018 to 2019 +Genres: Action - Drama - Fantasy - Psychological -Romance - School Life - Slice of Life +Authors: Sayeol [Story] Yerang [Art] +Serialization/Other. 8- Regressor Instruction Manual. In the year 2032, the world changed when monsters and dungeons appeared across the world, fortunately, at the same time, people with game-like abilities also emerged and headed into the dungeons to kill the monsters.

263 Chapters Every 41. Diablo Volfir, the MC of this Korean Manhwa, is an omnipotent being. Ian Paige is a rare talented ruthless guy, he is the only 8th circle mage of his time. Yes, it's that type of manhwa.

Still, the characters sometimes act like tired clichés.

They are unique from Western comics and have grown in popularity in recent years. I Get Stronger. In this article, I will be discussing the top action fantasy manhwa, manhua, and webtoons.

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Unfortunately for humanity, the 12 Gods that ruled the world didn’t see it that way.

One day, the sun disappeared and people suddenly lost consciousness. Status: Completed. From Today On, I'm a Boy.

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This is the reincarnation manga for you if you are looking for an op mc.

No, it's not original, and the story won't change your life, but it's mildly entertaining if you're looking for that. This story about the reincarnation of manhwa takes place mainly in a virtual world. Sometimes these characters are so strong that they are practically infallible. 10 Best Action Manhwa with OP MC are :-.